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Welcome to one of Hayley's signature treatments that she specialises in - waxing! Having tried many brands over the years a fellow 'Down-Under' one has bit an game-changer for clients which is the only one Hayley offers. Hot Waxing is performed on the most most sensitive of areas allowing for optimum results without compromising your comfort. Even the finer hairs are removed meticulously and the smooth-to-touch results after with no discomfort are a positive for any area being treated, particularly Brazilians and Hollywoods.

Hayley has specialised in intimate body waxing for over 10 years and will ensure you feel comfortable throughout your appointment, with removal of the shortest hairs being made a priority for a silky-smooth finish. With such positive reviews from clients for over a decade Hayley has her own training course available in both foundation waxing and advanced 1:1 intimate waxing

A similar version to sugaring, the hot wax is applied to the skin, and shrink-wraps the hair within it, allowing the removal of longer hairs to not be any more painful than that of shorter ones. No sticky residue is left on the skin which is a lovely feeling when you redress! 

Outback Opal removes the shortest and most stubborn of hairs comfortably with ingredients that soothe your skin. Vegan friendly. Contains no beeswax or other animal by-products. This type of hot wax is used on the facial areas, neck, underarms, naval, chest, and bikini areas. 

For the larger areas of back (for males), forearms, and legs, the same brand is used because of the amazing ingredients but in a strip-wax form.


Many ladies travel up to one hour to get their 'intimate' waxing done by me because of how comfortable they feel having the treatment done, and also because I am extremely thorough with my work. 

Prices for each area can be found here.

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