Basic Facial Training

If you are wanting to add this popular treatment to your existing service menu then welcome! You do not need any previous experience to attend this Basic Facial Training course, and if you are wanting to attend my advanced learning course of Dermaplaning, then you must have a Basic Facial Training qualification to be able to do so.

This course is restricted to two students only allowing a close-knit learning environment. It is two days long, with the first day being online guided learning which covers content in the manual required to be learnt before attending the second day learning of hands-on practical training. You will be provided models to work on allowing you to carry out what you have learnt and gain confidence in this treatment. At the end of the practical day you will receive a qualification certificate allowing you to gain insurance. This course is accredited with CPD Centre of Excellence, allowing you to gain insurance with your chosen insurance company.

Course Structure:

  • Pre-Course Home Study (1 day guided learning)

  • 1 day practical - models provided for you


What you will learn:

  • Health & Safety

  • Hygiene, Sterilisation & Disinfecting

  • Facial Bones

  • Muscles in the Face

  • Tendons & Ligaments

  • The Circulatory, Lymphatic & Respiratory Systems

  • Skin Anatomy, Types & Conditions

  • Client Consultation

  • Contra-Indications & Contra-Actions

  • What You Need for Facials

  • Products Descriptions

  • Techniques & Facial Massage

  • Facial Types & Aftercare

Course Dates:

  • 24th May

  • 27th June

  • 26th July

  • 31st August

  • 30th September

  • 31st October

  • 30th November

If a course date listed is not one you can make, but you'd like to do the course please message Hayley and she will be able to help you with a date.