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Eyeliners & Lips

Wake up with MakeUp! Save yourself time and money on cosmetics every day and have your most noticed facial features enhanced with Semi Permanent MakeUp (SPMU). Also known as Micropigmentation, Cosmetic Tattooing and Permanent MakeUp, this is the precision of depositing a small amount of hypoallergenic pigment 1mm deep into the skin. Hayley has been trained by the industry's top artists including GoldenEye, Andrea Toth, Katerina Zapletalova and Ksenjia Karabegovic so you are assured to be in fantastic hands.


SPMU is ideal for those that have trouble applying makeup, are sensitive to cosmetics, have poor eyesight, are sports players, want to save time every day getting ready, have uneven/skinny/overplucked eyebrows, suffer from alopecia, patients undergoing radiotherapy and chemotherapy treatments. Shape, colour, health questions and your reasons behind wanting it are all discussed in the consultation and the treatment will not go ahead until you are 110% happy with the decisions. In my extensive consultation forms you need to provide honest and accurate information about your health and medications you may be on. You must also be free of alcohol and drugs 48 hours prior to your treatment. Upon treatment completion I will get you to sign paperwork and also check you are 100% happy before you leave. 


Eyeliners are created to suit your eye shape, with thickness and tapering to enhance the lash line. This is a saviour in terms of whether you a sensitive to makeup, your mascara or eyeliner smudges daily, you have trouble getting the same for each eye, or you just struggle to see properly while applying it. Lips become thinner over time and lose their volume, including the outer border. Having lip colour tattooed onto your natural lip tissue creates a fuller appearance without the need for fillers. It also helps create a lip outline without the need to apply lipstick so often, if at all. Since mask wearing has become second nature in more recent times, having lip colour on means no smudging onto those material masks or your face!


Consultations are £25; they are non-refundable should you not turn up or not go ahead. Prices include  skin patch test, first treatment and touch up appointment, as well as homecare. Payment plans are available: £50 to book appointment, £125-£200 (dependent on treatment) on first treatment, remainder on touch up.  When booking please pay a £50 booking fee to secure your appointment - this will be taken off at your first treatment. This booking fee is non-refundable should you cancel as all products and equipment has been bought, as well as 2-2.5 hours booked out in the diary. You are considered a new client to me if you have not have your previous SPMU treatments done by myself before, therefore a new treatment price is required.

     Annual Colour Boost*


( * This must be carried out within 12-18 months     from initial appointment, otherwise it will be charged as a new treatment).


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