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Plasma Fibroblast Skin Tightening

This revolutionary skin tightening treatment is a non-surgical approach to skin tightening for those saggy/stretched skin areas. The extremely accurate handheld device works by utilising the voltage in the air between its tip and the natural gasses emitted from our skin, to form a plasma charge. A small electrical arc is created and instantly shrinks the targeted skin. The tissues retract and tighten giving you more youthful looking skin and addressing a number of skin concerns. You can see results after just one treatment but for optimum results you may require more than one treatment per area. 

Hayley trained in this treatment in September 2018 so has more than enough experience on all listed areas. To get the best out of your treatment, please follow the prescribed aftercare as detailed in your aftercare provided by Hayley, including avoiding sun exposure or any UV exposure for the first 8 weeks after your area has been treated. 

• Eyes (top hoods) £200
• Eyes (lower) £150
• Eyes (top & lower package) £300
• Crows Feet £175

  • Frown Lines £150

• Smokers Lines £150
• Neck £250
• Nasolabial Fold £150
• Lips to Chin area £150
• Stomach £350
• Ears £100

• Skin Tag’s £50+
• Scar's - £50-£125

The treated area/s will be prenumbed before the treatment commences. Using a tiny sterile plasma probe to pin point specialised grid marks on the skin.the energy produced from the plasma probe can reduce excess skin resulting in the treated area being tightened - and you can see the difference immediately. The fibroblast “flash” the probe produces exerts a tissue-tightening effect. The healing is quick and scarless. The results can last 3-5 years, sometimes longer term (permanent). For optimum results you may require more than one treatment, depending on your desired outcome. This treatment is recommended to be done in the winter time because you cannot have sun exposure for 12 weeks after the treatment. Also highly recommended for the eye areas to alleviate swelling is to take Arnica tablets or Apia Mellifica (available from Amazon or Holland & Barrett). Antihistamines are also recommended for the first four days.

Compared to surgery, this treatment is already an advantage based on recovery time and cost involved. There will be obvious swelling to the treated area/s which subsides 2-5 days after the treatment. The grid marks made on the skin by the probe crust over and these flake off the skin 5-7 days after the treatment. Whilst healing, they cannot get wet or be covered with makeup. You are given a specialised camoflage cream to help cover the treated area. If you require more than one treatment, the area continues to heal for up to 12 weeks afterwards, so this amount of time must be given inbetween treatments. You will receive through aftercare instructions including healing balms and be booked in for a progress check up 6 weeks after your initial treatment.


There is a very thorough, detailed consultation form that is emailed out to you before your treatment. It has many important questions regarding your health and medication, if you take any. There is also a skin test questionnaire which needs to be completed also to check you meet the criteria as an ideal candidate for this treatment. If you have dark or have very tanned skin this treatment will not work well on you and could give you pigmentation, it is recommended you do not have this done. Please email Hayley to receive your forms before you book this treatment:

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