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Conversion Course - Microblading to Machine Brows

If you have already trained in Microblading and now wish to further your skills and offer a different technique to clients wanting their eyebrows done, this course is perfect for you. Microblading doesn't suit all skin types, so you may find you turn some clients away because of this. The machine technique of Powder Brows and Combination Brows (a mix of both Microblading hairstrokes and machine shading) will help your business grow as you won't turn any clients away because you can offer them more than one style of brow. 

  • 2 day in-house training course

  • Pre-Study material sent out for practice

  • £1800 with machine, £1400 without machine

  • Models provided for you

  • Learn how to create Powder Brows (Shading) and Microshading 

  • Accredited with CPD Centre of Excellence 

  • Unlimited pre and post course support

  • Snacks and refreshments provided


       Day 1 - Learn how to use the machine; Practice Shading on Paper & Latex

       Day 2 - Live Models to work on before qualifying

Why train with me?

  • Models provided for you to work on

  • No need to bring equipment - all provided

  • Voted one of UK's top rated training academies for 2022 by CPD

  • Small class numbers guaranteed

  • Learn at your own pace

  • Kits can be included and provided on your course

Training dates: The two days can be booked with Hayley via email so that it aligns with your schedule and models can be booked.

My two day conversion course starts with covering the 'basics' of what you should have already learnt in your previous Microblading course. This is covered again, to reiterate the importance of knowledge and for those that may not have gone over everything, this will help you understand what you need to know. The extensively written manual covered in the pre-study and theory part of learning covers skin structures and skin types, Fitzpatrick scale, needle configurations, the differences between the techniques, contraindications, insurance and regulations, sterile working environment, bloodborne pathogens, hygiene and safety, consultation and consent forms, aftercare, homecare instructions and the healing process. 

At the end of the course you will receive your qualification certificate to produce your insurance company allowing you to gain insurance.


If you would like further course details please email Hayley at

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