Conversion Course - Microblading to Machine Brows

If you have already trained in Microblading and now wish to further your skills and offer a different technique to clients wanting their eyebrows done, this course is perfect for you. Microblading doesn't suit all skin types, so you may find you turn some clients away because of this. The machine technique of Powder Brows and Combination Brows (a mix of both Microblading hairstrokes and machine shading) will help your business grow as you won't turn any clients away because you can offer them more than one style of brow. 

My three day conversion course starts with covering the 'basics' of what you should have already learnt in your previous Microblading course. This is covered again, to reiterate the importance of knowledge and for those that may not have gone over everything, this will help you understand what you need to know. The extensively written manual covered in the pre-study and theory part of learning covers skin structures and skin types, Fitzpatrick scale, needle configurations, the differences between the techniques, contraindications, insurance and regulations, sterile working environment, bloodborne pathogens, hygiene and safety, consultation and consent forms, aftercare, homecare instructions and the healing process. Before finish day one, we will cover brow mapping and measuring - this allows me to see how you have been taught previously and how you carry out this step. If you are looking for a new way of mapping and measuring then this is where I can teach you how I achieve this step.

On day 2 of the course we recap over day 1 theory content before practicing the powder brow technique on practice mats. After breaking for lunch our demonstration model will come in and I will start the Powder Brow or Combination Brow treatment with her, leading into the student being able to also work on the model so you get a feel for the skin and understand how to incorporate the technique on a live model. The third day you will work on two models provided for you - these will either be Powder Brow, Combination Brow or both. This allows you to work out which technique will suit your client the best and puts into practice everything you have learned. I am there guiding and supporting you so you have the confidence to provide the treatment. At the end of the course you will receive your qualification certificate to produce your insurance company allowing you to gain insurance.


This course is accredited with ABT so insurance can be gained through ABT as well as many other companies (Salon Gold, Holistic, Insync etc). There is no kit provided with this course as you will already have pigments in your salon from the previous course you are probably happy working with. You do work with two machines on the course allowing you to try both and decide which you like the feel of best. No machine is included in the course; this allows you to choose your own machine and needles you would prefer to buy without being stuck with one.

My upcoming course dates for this conversion course are booked to suit you so please contact Hayley to book yours.​​

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