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Semi Permanent Makeup

Take away the annoyance of having to apply eyeliner each day, drawing on your eyebrows or even redefining your lip line that you've lost over the years. Semi Permanent Makeup can cater for these and really save you time and money! 

Eyebrows can be created using a variety of methods Hayley has trained in over the years, from Microblading, Combination Brows, Powder Brows, Ombre Brows and Machine Hairstrokes. Although the styles are all different, Hayley will guide you through which one would suit your face, your look, and your skin type the best. Many people think Microblading is the most natural look, yet it doesn't suit many skin types so having a consultation will help give you the information you need to know, as well as discussing the treatments, procedures, aftercare and more.

Eyeliners are a beautiful eye addition which can last up to two years. No smudged eyeliner at 3pm, no struggling with getting it the same each morning either. This treatment is fantastic for shaping the eyes and again, is tailored to suit your eye shape. 

Lips really change over time when we lose our collagen and volume, including the outer border. Smudged lipstick lines, especially with mask wearing is a nuisance. You can start off with an outline to redefine the border, a light shade on the lips to create a fuller pout, or a more defined bold lip-look without needing to apply lipstick anymore. 

All consultations are complimentary.


If you have eyebrows or lip colour that is the wrong shape, colour, overly saturated or you just don't like it, removal is a possible option to improve the appearance of this for you. Laser Brow or Lip Removal is achieved through a quick and efficient pigment targeted treatment which breaks down the colour straight away. You will need at least 2 sessions to successfully lighten the appearance of what was originally implanted, but it gives you the opportunity to improve what it there or to refresh with a better colour and shape choice.  Laser Brow or Lip Removal must be spaced out 6 weeks apart for appointments to allow full healing time. 

LiFT Removal is also another option for both eyebrows and lip colours. This is a manual method using a Semi Permanent Makeup machine to disturb what was implanted and bring it towards the surface. Appointments also need to be spaced out 6 weeks inbetween. This will require a minimum of 3 appointments, based on colour saturation to successfully bring out the unwanted colour. 

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