Special Offers 


LIPS - If you have previously suffered from cold sores, even if it was one, you will need to use an anti-viral medication to prevent the breakout of one occurring after the treatment. This is vitally important as it affects the healing.

During lockdown I have been learning new techniques and styles of creating a lighter look for enhancing eyebrows and lips. I am wanting 5 models for each area to carry out these treatments on at a discounted price. 

What Is It?

My 'Light Brows' and 'Light Lips' looks are all about creating some colour definition on the skin without looking too harsh, bold or defined. The brows will have no harsh edges, but rather a softer penciled in look that still creates a shape but very subtly. The lips will have no outer border, but more of a soft pinky colour shaded all over the lip tissue creating a fuller look but again with no outline definition or no colour beyond the natural lip line. Because the colour for both areas will be soft and subtle, it won't take as much time to complete the treatments and sometimes only one is required, based on how well they heal and how the skin accepts the pigments. 

Discounted Price: 

The special offer for these areas is limited to the first five clients that would like to book in. The payments can be split:

  1. £25 to secure your booking

  2. Remainder at first appointment

  3. Top Up appointment already included in first payment.

Light Brows - £150 (RRP £225, saving you £75)

Light Lips - £175 (RRP £250, saving you £75)