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Lash Lift & Tint

Enhance your most noticed feature on the face, the eyes! Lash Lift and Tinting is perfect for those who don't wear makeup daily, sports players, swimmers and holiday makers. If you have a sensitivity to mascara, eyeshadow or eyeliner and struggle applying it then this is the treatment for you! Lasting up to 8 week, your lashes are set into a position where they appear longer, they are tinted from root to tip so appear darker and fuller. There is no maintenance at all with this treatment, making is a favourite every two months to really flatter your eyes. Any length of lash can be lifted, from shorter lashes to super long. You can request a natural result or one that really stands out from the crowd!


Hayley uses Eleebana One Shot Lash Lift for the brand, having used as many as five over the years and favours this one for the fast yet most stunning results.  A~ test patch must be performed to have this treatment; if you have not seen Hayley for six months then it will need to be redone, including if you have been pregnant.

As this is such a hugely popular treatment, Hayley also offers training in this at her clinic in both Portsmouth and Reading. Please click here to find out future training dates and more course details. 


Tinting for eyelashes and eyebrows is a great way to enhance your natural features. Many of us have fair tips on the lashes as they regularly replace themselves, which usually make them appear shorter. Having a tint applied from the roots to the tips helps create the full length of the lash as well as adding a fuller look.


Adding a tint to the eyebrows can create a fuller, more defined shape. Some hairs appear blonder so this helps add colour to each hair which can look as natural as you'd like or as defined as you'd like. Adding a brow shape with the brow tint is a popular combination, as well as a lash tint which means no maintenance to you for four weeks!


With the tinting treatments a test patch must be carried out prior to your first appointment with Hayley, or if you have not been within six months of your last visit. 

Training is also available for these eye treatments and further information can be found here

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