Laser Hair Removal

Offering the latest and best technology to treat unwanted hairs!

Laser Hair Removal - What is it?


For both the face body. Amazing for reducing unwanted hair growth especially irritated by shaving and ingrown hairs including those that suffer with hormone-induced hair growth. Using SHR (Super Hair Reduction), this is a painless method of hair reduction without the discomfort of hot stinging against the skin. Even light, fine hairs can be treated in a more effective way. A space of 4 weeks must be given between sessions. To have laser hair reduction treatment, you can only shave/immac or trim the hairs. Removing the hairs from their roots with waxing/tweezing is not recommended because the root cannot be treated as effectively. The areas which can be treated include:

Chin, Jawline, Neck, Cheeks, Sideburns, Full Face, Upper Lip, Underarms, Half Arms/Full Arms, Bikini/Brazilian/Hollywood, Half Leg and Full Leg, Chest, Naval, Abdomen, Back, Shoulders, Full Back, Hands and Feet, Fingers and Toes. 

How Does SHR Work?

The skin is heated gently through the melanin and the stem cells with a  lower energy than IPL (so you don't get that rubber band flicking sensation), but the rapid pulsating laser light is at a higher frequency. The hand piece moves smoothly and quickly across the skin multiple times to damage the root beneath. The root must stay in the skin to allow the laser to damage it each treatment, and it will eventually die off. This method achieves clinically effective and painless results, with even lighter and finer hairs which are able to be treated.