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Booking Terms & Conditions

Cancellations, Payments, Non-Refundable Booking Fees and No-Shows



In order to book your appointment, we may require your card details or for a non-refundable booking fee to be taken at the time of booking. Card details are securely held by our booking system (Ovatu) and are not viewable by the salon.

For bookings where your card details are captured, your card will not be charged at the time of booking, however it will be charged in the event of a no-show or late cancellation. Beauty Treatment cancellations between 24 hours of your appointment start time will be charged at 50% of the total appointment cost if it cannot be filled. Semi Permanent Makeup and Plasma Fibroblast cancellations must be within 48 hours or will be charged at 50% of the total appointment cost. No-Shows will be charged at 50% of the total appointment cost. 

Appointment reminders will be sent 48 hours before your appointment so please contact us as early as possible to avoid your card being charged. Please complete the Client Consultation Forms, Covid-19 Forms and any relevant forms before your appointment.

We reserve the right to ask for payment in full before a booking will be made, if you are a new client. If this is done, this amount will be treated the same as a non-refundable booking fee and will be retained in proportion to the above late cancellation charges (50% for cancellations between 24-48 hours and 50% for cancellations within 24 hours of your appointment start time).

If no booking fee or card capture is taken and you cancel within 48 hours, we reserve the right to ask for a late cancellation charge of 50% (or 100% if you cancel within 24 hours) of the total appointment cost, then payment in full in advance, to book any future appointments.

If you do not show for your appointment and haven’t contacted the salon, you may be removed from the online booking system. Please contact us to book a new appointment, we will require payment in full, in advance of any new appointment.


Payments must be made at your appointment, not after or later that day. Too often payments have been chased for up to two weeks after the booked appointment. This can be done via card machine, bank transfer, cash or Paypal. I do not accept cheques.





Please let us know if you are going to be late for your appointment, we can usually allow for a few minutes, however most of the time we have back-to-back clients after your appointment. So if you are more than 10 minutes late, Your appointment time will either be shortened or you may be turned away and apply the above terms as a no-show. If you have been consistently late for 3 appointments, your client profile will be blocked from future bookings. 



​Complaints and Feedback

Our priority is for you to be completely satisfied with the service you receive from us. We run a professional business so we aim to deliver the highest standards in everything we do. Complaints are rare but we take them very seriously, so we have a complaints policy and process which we follow to make sure that things are put right where needed and we can learn from your feedback.


If you are not happy with the service you receive, please tell a member of staff either before you leave the salon, or as soon as possible once you have left. We will listen to your feedback and ask any necessary questions to understand your complaint, we aim to resolve any complaints within 8 weeks. If you have already left the salon, do not go to another salon as we have the right to see exactly what the service or treatment you have received from us, looks like. If you alter your service/treatment elsewhere, we will not be able to rectify any problems and will be unable to offer any sort of resolution.

Please see our ‘Customer Complaints Policy’ in the salon, for the full policy.



​Property Loss or Damage


It is your responsibility as the owner, to take care of any property you bring into the salon. We take no responsibility for any property which is lost or damaged, unless it is damaged by a member of staff due to carelessness. Anything left in the salon will be held for 8 weeks, we will do our best to contact you to retrieve your property.




Other Terms & Conditions


Some of our services/treatments will come with their own specific terms and aftercare. These will be highlighted individually either upon booking, consultation or at your appointment.

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