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Removal & Correction

Laser Tattoo Removal - There are two types of removal offered at Kiwi Beauty - Treatments and Training.


  • Traditional Method - This is the usual method of removing that tattoo. Each treatment is spaced 6-8 weeks apart, and depending on the depth of the ink, size of the tattoo, where it's placed on the body, how long it's been there for, the colours used for tattooing and your skin type, then Hayley is able to give you a predicted time frame of sessions to achieve this. This method requires several sessions to achieve removal. This is used for lips and eyebrows for semi permanent makeup removal.


  • R20 Instant Removal Method - This is slightly more aggressive but very successful in removing a tattoo that is only black in colour. The treatment is spread over two hours and carried out 4x in that two hours, spaced 20 minutes apart. Each session repeated increases in intensity, with 64% of tattoo's being removed successfully after just one treatment. Only a 7x7cm area can be treated at one time, however if your tattoo is bigger you can treat the other part in a two week time frame. This method does cost considerably more based on the two hour timeframe your session will take as well as the quick approach to tattoo removal without the need for continued visits in the long run.

LiFT is a unique saline removal formula which contains no chemicals or acids. It has been extensively tested ensuring client safety for each application. Each session is spread out eight weeks apart to allow for healing. Based on what you have, I cannot suggest how many sessions you require until the six week healing point. Some people find their eyebrows or lipliner has discoloured so wish to correct this. Some people have previously had 'block' eyebrows and now would like to have more natural looking eyebrows using the hairstroke appearance. 

Laser Tattoo Removal is very effective and efficient at breaking down the larger molecules of colour that have been implanted into the skin. The colour is visibly lighter straight away and can be achieved not just on Semi Permanent Makeup but also body tattoo work. Sessions are spaced out 8 weeks apart and a minimum of 3 sessions is recommended to remove body work, with around 2-3 required for brow removal.

Each removal session is charged from £50-60, with body tattoo work dependant on the size. Along with aftercare being provided, you will be asked to sign thorough paperwork consultation forms also confirming you will follow the aftercare advice given to you for you to be able to achieve the best possible results.

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