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Brow Tint & Shape

Welcome to one of the area's best salon's for creating the most beautiful brows. Hayley, Sarah and Sam will give you a shape that compliments your face and really enhances your eye area. From basic shaping, first time shaping, a Standard Tint and Shape, Hybrid Stain and Tint to longer lasting Henna Brows, you will leave the salon feeling blown away by what can be created.

If you have been a '90's' overplucker, you can go onto a brow regrowth programme where you apply a growth serum to encourage new brow growth, and visiting the salon 4-6 weekly for a maintenance in colour application and shape will see you slowly transforming your old shape into a fuller shape that suits you.

Each brow service uses a mapping technique to create a tapered shape that will help leave any colour service with nice crisp lines. 

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