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Machine Brows for Beginners

This is an extensive and intense beginners course for wanting to learn the Machine Brow styles, Shading and Strokes. These two techniques will be taught to you so you can offer these much loved styles to your clients without needing to turn anyone away. Machine Brows have become much more popular in the last 2 years because of how natural they now look and because it causes less trauma to the skin compared to Microblading. The results last longer and the fine needles used mimic hairs beautifully without looking false. 

This course begins with having to learn the manual content of theory in your own time, which is sent out to you to complete along with an intense quiz to gage your understanding. Learning how to draw the brow design, of both shading and hairstrokes on paper is also completed at home before booking onto two days training inhouse where you will learn how to create these brow styles with machine. 

Course Details:

  • Pre-Study and Quiz 

  • 3 days practical training (2 consecutive days then 1 assessment day)

  • Live models provided

  • Work with different machines

  • Kit with Machine included (optional)

  • Accredited with CPD Centre of Excellence

  • 6 Case Studies to complete after in-house training

  • Limited to two students per class

  • Unlimited pre and post course support

  • Free trainer shadow day offered within first 12 months of passing

  • £2000 without kit

  • £2995 with full kit

This is ideal for complete beginners or those wanting to add onto their beauty service menu. This course offers you financial freedom after qualifying, with a minimum of £250 being recommended to charge your clients. Imagine doing 4 sets of brows per week at a minimum of £250 per set, that's £1000 each week starting off!

Why train with me?

  • Models provided for you to work on

  • No need to bring equipment - all provided

  • Voted one of UK's top rated training academies for 2022 by CPD

  • Small class numbers guaranteed

  • Learn at your own pace

  • Kits can be included and provided on your course

What You Will Learn:

  • Colour Theory

  • Brow Mapping & Measuring

  • The Difference between different styles

  • Brow Shapes & Templates

  • Needles, Pigments and Machines

  • Aftercare

  • Healing

  • Consultation Forms and Consent

  • Realistic Expectations

  • Sterilisation & Disinfection

  • Health & Safety

  • Insurance 

  • Patch Testing & Products

  • Hazardous & Clinical Waste

  • Skin Types and Structures

  • Bloodborne Pathogens*

  • Sterile Working Zone

*You must complete an online Bloodborne Pathogens certification which is £24.95 during your pre-study period. This is an essential part of the course. You should also check your health history as to whether you have Hepatitis B vaccinations to safely work with clients; if not then this is strongly recommended you do.

Training dates can be booked via emailing Hayley so that models can also be booked for the same dates (

A non-refundable booking fee of £500 will need to be paid to confirm your course dates. You will need around one month to complete your course pre-study (if you have a full time job already). The full course costs will need to be paid on the first day of your practical training. 

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