Semi Permanent Eyebrows

Microblading has been around for decades but only recently become more well known, especially as it is such a natural look for Semi Permanent Makeup. And since the Corona Virus pandemic globally, with all the face coverings being worn the eyebrows have become even more obvious to many of us!


Hayley prefers to use the Microblading technique for hairstrokes because they stay crisper and finer compared to machine hairstrokes. This amazing style of creating eyebrows is done using a handtool and disposable small row of needles to simulate hairs in place of where they should be. All equipment is one use only and completely sterile and disposed of properly, ensuring no chance of cross contamination. Hayley has trained with Katerina Zapletova an more recently completed advanced training with world artist Ksenjia Karabegovic so the work designed for each person is to an exceptional standard. She has also been nominated as a Top 5 finalist in two UK prestigious Micropigmentation Award Conferences for 2019 as Microblading Artist of the Year.

Microblading is ideal for those that have trouble applying makeup, have poor eyesight, sports players, suffer from alopecia, cancer survivors, those that have overplucked their eyebrows, those with uneven or high-low brows. It will not prevent your hairs growing, and if you have blonde/fair hairs they will still need tinting as the colour stays on the skin, not the hair. You do not need to remove the hair prior to your appointment, Hayley uses as much of your natural hairs as possible to achieve the most natural look for you. Everything is measured to give you the closest result for your eyebrows - however they will never be perfect as our faces are not symmetrical. However, this style of Semi Permanent Makeup does not suit oily skin, sun damaged or aged skin.....this is where machine brows will play a part in recreating your eyebrows. 

Machine style brows are the preferred and most desired method of implanting pigment for skins that need an extra bit of TLC. Powder Brows are more defined, dark and prominent. Machine hairstrokes are ideal for those wanting a natural look but has skin that won't let Microblading heal well on. Lightly shaded brows are very popular for a barely-there look but enough to create a shape around the eyes that are flattering. Each style is created bespoke for what you want, your skin health, your skin type, what would best work for you to get the best results; Hayley will advise you on each method to help you decide. 

Consultations are ideal for those that have questions and for those that need reassurance, discussing shapes, concerns, colours, going through the treatment and aftercare. These are complimentary and we look at shapes, colours, discuss any concerns you may have and talk about the treatment. You need two appointments, spaced six weeks apart. The touch up is to correct any hairstrokes or gaps in colour that may not have taken well, you may want to go darker with the colour, add to the thickness of the shape - the second treatment is essential to give you the best result you can get. Some people are not suitable candidates for Microblading - oily skin types (the strokes blur so you would be best to get shading), Diabetics (Type 1), those with auto-immune disorders, HIV or AIDS patients, those under 18 years of age, those with keloid scarring, those on blood thinning medications, any radiation/chemotherapy patients need to be five weeks post treatment completion, those who are haemophiliac, those those that are pregnant and/or nursing, those that are epileptic. 

Results are not guaranteed but this treatment can last up to two years. Colour Boosts are recommended between 12-18 months to refresh the shape and colour, although some may find theirs may fade quicker. How long it lasts on your skin depends on many factors which is why Hayley cannot guarantee the longevity - skin type, sun exposure, occupational hazards, exercise enthusiasts. All clients are treated as new to Hayley even if you have had previous eyebrow tattooing done elsewhere, so full price will apply. Please understand due to the time allowances for appointments and the best products used

to carry out the treatments there are no refunds.

You will need to change/move your appointment date if you are:

  • Taking antibiotics

  • Due on your menstrual cycle

  • Suffering from a virus

  • Have had too much caffeine/alcohol 

  • Sunburnt

  • Taking/using strong skin medications

These factors above can severely impact on your healed results, how much you can ‘feel’ the treatment, make you more sensitive, bleed more (pushing pigment out) and affect skin quality (sunburn/skin products). Because you and I both want the best outcome possible, it is vital that these steps above are followed. 

All aftercare is thoroughly explained to you before you leave and comes in a take-home pack for you with instructions to follow. Hayley will also check in every 4-5 days to see how they are healing. A patch test MUST BE DONE prior to any treatment, and to confirm your booking a £50 fee is paid to secure your appointment. This is taken off the total price. Split payment is offered also. 

Colour Boosts

The best way to tell if you need this is when you need to start using your pencil to redraw the shape on. Some strokes fade quicker than others, again depending on your skin type, creams used and lifestyle. Because of this I have given different time frames for making these touch ups following the initial treatments. Full price list can be found under Price List.


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If you are interested in learning Microblading then please visit click here to view my training page for more information.  I also offer 'Shadow Days' for those already trained, wanting help and further training to become more advanced and confident.