DMK Enzyme Treatments

DMK is one of the world's leading skincare companies that uses a scientific skin visionary for all ages, skin conditions and ethnicities. The four main concepts behind DMK are Remove, Rebuild, Protect and Maintain. My job as your DMK Therapist is to remove your existing skin condition and to rebuild it back to its natural state - this is achieved with your in-clinic treatments. As a client you will receive homecare products to protect and maintain your newly revised skin. There is no 'magic formula' to achieving beautiful skin; however if you provide homecare maintenance alongside the professional range treatments that I administer you will see amazing results that not only you will notice, but everyone around you.

The Fundamentals Kit for you to take home will provide you a 30 day supply of products to address age related, acneic and pigmentation conditions. So what are your concerns are what do the homecare kits alongside the Enzyme Treatment do?

Age Management - This reduces the appearance of age-related factors. Your homecare kit is particularly helpful in treating aging skin showing signs of fine lines, wrinkles and sun damage. Following the Home Prescriptives regiment will stimulate collagen and regulate your skins cellular turnover.

Acu-System (Acne) - This kit was created to help you balance oil production and kill off bacteria. The professional treatments begin to dry up existing acne and prevent future breakouts. DMK's Acu-System will help you combat acne at home.

Pigment Balancing - This will address passive and inflammatory pigmentation using a selection of innovative products for this condition. Used alongside each other, these products rapidly reduce inflammation and overcome melanin production over time.

The Facial Enzyme Treatment

This 90 minute specialised facial begins with a skin diagnosis and analysis carried out by your DMK Therapist alongside a thorough consultation process. Your skin is cleansed across the décolletage, neck and face using a soft brush so it doesn't overstimulate your skin.  A peel is applied to the areas to remove any dead skin cell build up. After the enzyme masque is applied to the upper chest, neck and full face areas, it will remain for 45 minutes while you enjoy both hand and feet massages to encourage your body and mind to fully relax. During this process the masque hardens as it creates a plasmatic effect; this is then softened and removed with soothing hot towels to revive and waken your skin. The treatment is completed with specialised serums, mist and finishing creams applied to the treated areas. Your DMK Therapist will then package up your homecare products and explain to you how to use these at home to prolong your skin improvements.

If you are interested in training in Basic Facials please click here to see my training course information.